Top 5 Ways to Perk Up After a Sleepless Night

1. Prioritize Your Day 

Whenever you’re exhausted, your mind is not as good at making decisions. So if you’re heading out for your day following a poor night’s sleep, then among the best things you might do is make a plan of attack. Should you list out the things you should get done that day, and in what sequence, you might increase your productivity. This way, during the day, instead of being bogged down in decision-making and prioritizing, you can simply attack the must-do things on your to-do listing, and hopefully get home with lots of time to get a good night’s sleep.

2. Brighten Up 

Getting out in the sunshine or around some kind of bright light might help you feel more awake, even whenever you’re sleep deprived. « There’s a nucleus in the brain known as the circadian pacemaker that adjusts the adrenal cycles, » said Clete Kushida, MD, Miles per hour, a sleep specialist and the director at the Stanford University Center for Human Sleep Research in California. « Getting bright light in the daytime syncs the nucleus and enables the mind to remain more alert » A thirty-minute walk should be enough to get you the advantages of light. If it’s cloudy or raining, a light box, which conveys light that reproduces sunshine, might be a good substitute.

3. Get a Nap 

In case your day allows it, a short catnap might be a and provide you with a few energy. « Take 20 minutes, maybe during your lunch hour, » says Zoran Grujic, MD, a neurologist and sleep specialist at Central DuPage Hospital in Winfield, Illinois. « It can, in reality, rejuvenate and decrease that sleep debt that has been building up. »

But make sure to set your alarm. Naps longer than 20 minutes might cause sleep inertia — a groggy feeling which may leave you feeling much worse than before your rest.

4. Get Moving 

Hitting the gym can be the last thing on your mind whenever you’re sleep deprived, however getting your blood pumping for a short time period might have a significant stimulating effect. Just make sure to finish your workout in the daytime or early mid-day. « If it is too close to bedtime, it can avoid you from falling asleep, » explained Dr. Kushida. And remember this sleep tip: Maintaining a workout routine also whenever you’ve had a good night’s rest is vital — research has shown that moderate-intensity exercise can improve sleep quality.

5. Cool Off 

Warm environments have a tendency to make people feel sleepy. Immersing yourself in cold might have a temporary stimulating effect whenever you feel sleepy.  Start your day with a bracing shower, suggested Adam Fisch, MD, a neurologist and sleep specialist with JWM Neurology in Indianapolis. « You might theorize that keeping your workplace cooler might be helpful, too, » he added.

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